Shower Cleaner Spray

One of my least favorite chores is cleaning the tub and shower.  I found this simple easy to make spray.  All you need is a spray bottle and equal parts white vinegar and blue dawn (store brand works just fine).  I pour 3 oz of dawn into bottle I then take  3 oz of vinegar and heat in microwave. Carefully pour vinegar into bottle swish it around, attach sprayer.   Spray shower and tub and let sit for 30 minutes. Generously  rinse with warm water.  Sometimes you may have to scrub some spots but I rarely have to do that.  Very important before you step into tub or shower make sure there is no more soap, be thorough.  I know that once you see the results you will never buy a store product again.


DIY Dishwasher Detergent

Hi all,  I have 2 options for dishwasher detergent. Powdered or tablets.  The 1st 3 ingredients are the same -1 cup each Borax and Super washing soda,  1/4 Epsom salt.  For powder option I add 4 sugar free lemonade  or orange mix packets.  Mix and done,  use 1 Tbs per load.  For tablets omit the lemonade and add 4 Tbs of lemon juice or vinegar this will make a paste press into ice cube trays and let dry a few days.   I have also scooped paste into a Tbs and popped each out onto a rack and let dry over night.  I tend to prefer the powder because I have found that the tablets don’t always dissolve fully and I have to add a rinse cycle.  I also use vinegar as my rinsing agent.  Hope you give this a try.  Maria

DIY Fabric Softener

Since I started off with DIY  laundry detergent yesterday I figured I’d follow up with the fabric softener.  It only takes 3 ingredients to make.  I use 1 bottle of the cheapest conditioner on the market.  I have been using White Rain, it’s about .80 cents a bottle.  3 cups of white distilled vinegar  costs about $1.00 and  6 cups hot water.   I save my old gallon vinegar container to keep the softener in.  So this is how I do it.   I take the bottle of condition and pour into the container, then I fill half the empty conditioner bottle with vinegar and shake and then add to the container.  I only do this step because I hate to waste but this is optional. Finally I add the rest of the vinegar and the hot water.  I swish it around to mix.  If it separates give it a shake before use.  I have a fabric softer compartment it my washer. I just fill it. If you have an old cap from a fabric softener you can use that to measure.  This is about 1/4 of the price of your standard softener.  I know if you try this you will find that you laundry will smell great and be softer and fluffier than any commercial brand.   Enjoy

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Dry Laundry Detergent

Hi all,  I figured I’d start out with the product I use most often.  This is a recipe for Dry Laundry Detergent.   This is easy, effective, and inexpensive.  Here goes.  I find it handy to use a food processor for easy grinding, a measuring cup and a plastic grocery bag or a gallon size zip type bag.   I have a dedicated processor and measuring cup for this use. You can always use a cheese grater for the soap. The ingredients I use are 1 cup borax, 1 cup Arm & Hammer super washing soda (not baking soda),  1/2 cup Oxy clean generic is fine. The final ingredient  is 1/2 bar of Zote soap  approximately 7oz .   I use the pink but the white will work as well.  I find all the products in the laundry aisle of Walmart.  To start take the zote and cube half a bar about 1/2 inch cubes.  I do this over wax paper so it’s easy to transfer  to processor also less mess.  I pulse a few times then add 1/2 of the dry ingredients and pulse some more.  The dry stuff helps the soap grind finer and keeps it from gumming up.   Add the rest and let it run.  I like a sand like constancy but if you want it more powdery keep going.   Sometimes it doesn’t get all incorporated so I pour it in a bag sealed tight and shake it around.  Now if it’s in the zip bag you can leave it in there if it’s a tied bag I’d but it in a container. This recipe  can be doubled or tripled easily if you choose.  That’s it.  Clean up is easy I just put the blade and container in the dishwasher.   I use the Oxy scooper to put detergent into washer that’s about 1 TBS.  If you have heavily soiled laundry add 2.   On average it costs 4 cents a load.  Hope you give it a try.   Maria

This should be fun

Hi, I’m Maria.  I really never thought I would be writing a blog.  A few friends suggested I share the hints I have learned along the way.  About 10 years ago as my kids got older and went off to college I was left on my own and I realized I had way to many hours to fill.  I started learning new things,  woodworking, stained glass, ceramics.  I would go to classes at my local high school.  When I moved it was harder to find classes but I still wanted to learn,  luckily I found YouTube.  It is such a great resource for so many interests.  One of my favorite hobbies is saving money and I now make my own laundry & dishwasher detergents as well as all natural body butters an lip balms all thanks to YouTube.  99% of the things I share will be from there.  Blogging is very new to me and since I like to try something new every year I figured why not.  I hope you enjoy learning new things and saving money with little effort.     Maria