DIY Dishwasher Detergent

Hi all,  I have 2 options for dishwasher detergent. Powdered or tablets.  The 1st 3 ingredients are the same -1 cup each Borax and Super washing soda,  1/4 Epsom salt.  For powder option I add 4 sugar free lemonade  or orange mix packets.  Mix and done,  use 1 Tbs per load.  For tablets omit the lemonade and add 4 Tbs of lemon juice or vinegar this will make a paste press into ice cube trays and let dry a few days.   I have also scooped paste into a Tbs and popped each out onto a rack and let dry over night.  I tend to prefer the powder because I have found that the tablets don’t always dissolve fully and I have to add a rinse cycle.  I also use vinegar as my rinsing agent.  Hope you give this a try.  Maria


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