DIY Fabric Softener

Since I started off with DIY  laundry detergent yesterday I figured I’d follow up with the fabric softener.  It only takes 3 ingredients to make.  I use 1 bottle of the cheapest conditioner on the market.  I have been using White Rain, it’s about .80 cents a bottle.  3 cups of white distilled vinegar  costs about $1.00 and  6 cups hot water.   I save my old gallon vinegar container to keep the softener in.  So this is how I do it.   I take the bottle of condition and pour into the container, then I fill half the empty conditioner bottle with vinegar and shake and then add to the container.  I only do this step because I hate to waste but this is optional. Finally I add the rest of the vinegar and the hot water.  I swish it around to mix.  If it separates give it a shake before use.  I have a fabric softer compartment it my washer. I just fill it. If you have an old cap from a fabric softener you can use that to measure.  This is about 1/4 of the price of your standard softener.  I know if you try this you will find that you laundry will smell great and be softer and fluffier than any commercial brand.   Enjoy

yyou hava


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